Random Cool


Recipes never looked so good

Food factories come alive in step-by-step cooking infographics.

Copied from strategy - freelancersunite

Introducing the FU Awards

Free agents get the recognition they’re looking for in a freelancer-only awards show.

Social_Sweet Jesus

Confess your Snapchat sins

Now you can share your deepest, darkest secrets with Sweet Jesus.


Dispensing with the old tape dispenser

Introducing the sleek and highly practical ZYP-ZYP.


Eat the Ex and keep score

FCB/SIX is counting your Cronut calories, whether you like it or not.


‘We Said Some Shit’

New Zealand’s Strategy Creative gives a client a quote book to remember the good times.


Eyesore no more

Danish company Bang & Olufson makes a TV to admire.

pasta 4

Hair you actually want in your food

Pasta packaging has never looked so chic.


Animating lost voices

Interviews with icons were found and then animated, so we never have to wonder how Nina Simone felt about evening gowns.


A pillow that puts all others to shame

Finally, a smart cushion that can help stop a snorer from sawing logs in bed.