Random Cool

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The sharing economy meets show biz

Authentic homes and spaces are up for rent on the Airbnb of film sets.


Who’s that talking?

A new app aims to balance out boardroom conversations by analyzing the pitch of male and female voices.


Reclaiming the desert landscape

American artist Jennifer Bolande takes on highway blight by occupying the billboards.


Come on in and pull up a wall

A Dutch firm designs a fuzzy space without chairs or desks to explore the impact on those who work and live within it.


The Archie art show you’ve been waiting for

Because who doesn’t need more Riverdale in their lives?


The quest for 135% billable hours

North Strategic thinks time sheets belong in the shift dress and hippy era.

Creative Differences

The indignities of freelancing

Co-Op’s Creative Diff’rences is a weekly cartoon that speaks the cold, hard truth about being a free agent in advertising.


A sign of GIF maturity

Giphy makes use of its platform to teach American Sign Language.


Lighting, to go

This modest little lamp is as nice to look at when it’s not in use as when it’s on.


Out of the depths, into the ROM

The Toronto museum offers a rare opportunity for visitors to learn about blue whale biology.