Random Cool


OneMethod gives a C.R.A.P. (four actually)

The agency recognizes clients who gave it the space to be creative.

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Furniture for DIYers

Affordable and easy-to-screw-together furniture for those looking to venture outside Ikea.


The very funny myth of adulthood

This artist’s doodles, now in book form, will definitely draw smiles on any day of the year.

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Let there be WiFi

Eliminate those pesky dead zones with a smart “life bulb.”

Paris review

The Art of Fiction, unlimited

From Hemingway to Didion, here’s a subscription filled with testimonials about the creative process.

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On the Whiskey Wedge

The ice in these glasses melts much slower than traditional cubes to retain your drink’s flavour.

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Can my robot make you a drink?

This touchscreen mixologist will make you custom cocktails in a jiffy.

Natural balance

Now you can stop killing all your plants

Dutch designer Sander Lorier created a self-watering planter.


When hipster Jesus was born

Away in a manger, a solar-powered barn overhead.

andrew de Zen

A stimulating chat with director Andrew De Zen

To tickle your creative fancy, we’re launching a series of Q&As with the imaginative minds behind inspiring finds.