Random Cool

Water Jetpack

Water jetpack. ‘Nuff said.

There is nothing else to say about this. It’s a water jetpack.


Single-serve coffee, two sugar, no plastic

Steeped Coffee uses a time-tested method to eliminate the waste of single-serve coffee.


A lucky beaver to bless your days

Plus, quirky local colour from designer Gary Taxali.


Sock it to me

Bit of a scatterbrain? This Etsy print will provide a solution and add a touch of creativity to your living space.


A beginner’s guide to geeking out

D&D is having a resurgence, and this time, even the cool kids are playing.


Stimulant’s annual Gift Guide

Here are the best holiday gifts for you creative folk to geek out on.


The sleep-anywhere pillow

Ostrich Pillows turn any surface into a bed-away-from-home.


Medium poutine, Double Double

Smoke’s Poutinerie admits to ‘trolling’ Tim’s in its latest campaign.


Step into the ring

Agency Wars is back for another year, this time supporting men’s health.


Peeling furniture

To peel or to open? That is the burning question behind this layered cabinet.