Random Cool


The ones that stick with ya: column

After more than 10 years covering ad ideas, what strategy’s outgoing digital editor Jeromy Lloyd believes stood out.


A ballsy reminder for men

Movember lends a soapy hand in help men remember to check themselves regularly.


How a neural network would prank you

Marbles in the fridge. Shirts in the ice dispenser. You know, standard stuff.


A new type of look for Netflix

The streamer unveiled a custom font, taking a queue from the likes of Apple and Google.

curved coin

Real coins have curves

The Royal Canadian Mint’s newest piece celebrates 180 years of curveballs.


Beautified barfing

FlyGTA hopes it won’t be running out of its art-covered vomit bags too quickly.


Keeping cool in the cold

Seven “winter stations” in Toronto’s Beaches will make you lose your chill.

Canada Sound

What does Canada sound like?

Cleansheet created a compilation of the most Canadian sounds from pop music to pure nature.

Love Lost

A little love, light and meditation

Jam3 composes ‘Love Lost’ to show the day’s less saccharine side.


Toronto restaurant hops on the Bitcoin buzz

Figures, which is already known for its eclectic designs, is adding an unconventional payment option.