Random Cool


Fictional floor plans made real

Visit the homes of Mr. White, Buffy, Sherlock and others in these detailed mock-ups.


A puzzle that lives in a shoe

Designer Yoni Alter created an Air Jordan that requires assembly.

nissan hot desking

From tiny homes to tiny workspaces

For those wanting a mobile work life, Nissan has created an office the size of a van.


Our type of National Park tribute

Typographers and designers celebrate the U.S. park centennial with a poster series.


Move over, Birkin bag

This shopping bag lets you look like a Lego person-human hybrid.


Stop hiding that cover art

A very simple design solution helps you display your records.


Panasonic prints (makeup) perfection

The tech co now allows users to 3D print just the right amount of foundation and concealer.


Pied Pipers All

U of T’s St. Michael’s College honours Marshall McLuhan with a painting and a multimedia exhibition.

Other Half

The Other Half

A comedy about a man who breaks up with himself (literally).


Bike to work with Playmobil hair

Bicycle helmet design has really come a long way.