Random Cool

Natural balance

Now you can stop killing all your plants

Dutch designer Sander Lorier created a self-watering planter.


When hipster Jesus was born

Away in a manger, a solar-powered barn overhead.

andrew de Zen

A stimulating chat with director Andrew De Zen

To tickle your creative fancy, we’re launching a series of Q&As with the imaginative minds behind inspiring finds.


An empathy app

This developer created a tool to help kids understand themselves and those around them.


Fictional floor plans made real

Visit the homes of Mr. White, Buffy, Sherlock and others in these detailed mock-ups.


A puzzle that lives in a shoe

Designer Yoni Alter created an Air Jordan that requires assembly.

nissan hot desking

From tiny homes to tiny workspaces

For those wanting a mobile work life, Nissan has created an office the size of a van.


Our type of National Park tribute

Typographers and designers celebrate the U.S. park centennial with a poster series.


Move over, Birkin bag

This shopping bag lets you look like a Lego person-human hybrid.


Stop hiding that cover art

A very simple design solution helps you display your records.