Top Ad Ideas


One, two, three, door

Havas’ new spot comes out of nowhere.


Caul-ing all pizza lovers

Pizza Pizza’s new ad targets young ‘uns with gluten-free crust.


Cider is ready for its star turn

Lg2′s redesign of Milton Star ciders is Insta-worthy.


Plastic straws suck

Greenpeace Canada and Rethink team up for stark print ads with serious message.

Walmart sheets

Now playing on a building near you

One family traded small screens for the big screen.


Censorship does not rule

The International Freedom of Expression Exchange seeks justice for journalists.


Get off Doris’ lawn!

Zulu Alpha Kilo created a series of sassy ads for HomeEquity.


Pepperoni patio weather

John St. and Boston Pizza teamed up to showcase the social size of pizza.

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Reality is stranger than (science) fiction

Rethink made some bright new posters for the Ontario Science Centre’s POPnology exhibit.


Thumbs up for tears and smiley-faced fears

Emojis capture the thrills visitors get visiting Playland amusement park in a new campaign by Rethink.