Top Ad Ideas


Send us your… oh gosh, NO!

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank might be the best possible place to send an eggplant emoji.


Mother Nature as a cure-all for PTSD

FCB and Someplace Nice soothe minds in a new spot for Warrior Adventures Canada.


Colonel Steal Yo Girl

You know that movie, What Women Want? Spoiler alert: it’s chicken.


President’s Choice jolts moviegoers awake

A trailer, seemingly about dreams, has a big twist.


This holiday card is lit

Wunderman is going to bring a little light into your holiday.

Target Mummering 5

Did someone say mummering?

Target folk get kitted up for a frightening evening of friendly home invasions. What a jolly time of year.


Merry mashups

OneMethod flipped the script, with “Homie Alone” and “Christmas Swaycation” available on Flixtapes today.

Sanders' Little Helper

Sanders’ Little Helper

KFC Canada’s finger-lickin’ good twist on Elf on the Shelf craze.


Gather ’round the unlit yule log

Restaurant chain Noodlebox is showing how “fire makes all the difference” with an hour-long video of cold, dead wood.


Campaign schools Manitoba on engineering inequality

“Dear 2030″ draws attention to the fact that women make up a low number of newly licensed engineers in the province.