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Skyn makes a travel guide for lovers

The condom brand creates a surprisingly robust look at the world’s most intimate travel destinations.

van houette

The Van of all Vans

Van Houtte likens itself to the world’s best Vans, from Gogh to Beethoven and even Damme.

North Face3

These walls are meant for climbing

The North Face is using its walls to do the opposite of what Trump is hoping to do with his.


Wash your mouth out with soap

Sid Lee produced inappropriate soap designed to cleanse your senses.


Meteor shower as branding opportunity

Lotto 6/49 wishes upon a shooting star. And another. And another.


Celebrating the good in drivers

Slow and steady driving wins Belairdirect rewards.


Endless love

Sid Lee’s campaign for FitSpirit urges teenage girls not to break up with sports.


10 tees for 150 years

The Drake General Store, Sid Lee and the Bay tap influential Canadians to design sesquicentennial t-shirts.

condom clothing2

This isn’t your ordinary rubber sheath

The new Skyn condom suit goes on all of your appendages, and it even allows athletes to jump further.

Sid Lee

Proudly wasting time and money since 1993

Ever wonder what goes on OUTSIDE the walls of Sid Lee? Now there’s a hub for all those passion projects you’re curious about.