Top Ad Ideas


What’s in a name?

Grey Vancouver helps OK Tire show its depth.

Copied from strategy - lulumen

Lululemon’s progressive take on masculinity

The activewear brand’s new campaign challenges stereotypes and what it means to “be a man.”


Believing is half the battle

An Alberta org’s campaign for sexual assault survivors is seeing strong results in its third year.


The sweet sounds of real estate silence

Union creates a playlist to help block out the annoyances that come with not using a realtor.


Jean fight

Penningtons releases a new commercial with an unhinged pair of jeans giving its owner a hard time.

Copied from strategy - interacpopup

Pop-up tapping

Interac shows the convenience (and perks) of contactless payment.


Pizza night, IRL

Mercer Creative helps Panago illustrate how its food is right for any night.


The (re)appearing act

A coffee cup sleeve that uses the power of heat-activated messaging was used to promote Twentieth Century’s latest flick.


Turtles for turtles

The Nestle chocolate brand finds an advocacy role.


Billboards in the bike lane

Fix Coffee and Bikes uses some clever OOH to reach its target.