Top Ad Ideas

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Oh, the horror

Moving offices scared this agency so much that it made a film about it.

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Cougar central

A place where experienced women meet younger men (we couldn’t make this stuff up even if we tried).

Copied from strategy - Cashmere

Musical streams

Cashmere plays classical music inside toilets to help shy bathroom visitors go.


Slide, step or shuffle to the debit machine

CIBC and Samsung give you permission to forget your wallet.


A new design for the design school

Emily Carr University’s branding is redesigned ahead of its move to a new campus.


NABS wants to talk, too

In a new video for the charity, Quiver’s Graham Budd tells his story of internal struggles.


That’s so Canadian

CIBC and Kia set up camp on snowy hills, replacing ski lifts and installing ski-thru ATMs in new online videos.

Copied from strategy - 1701_imprime_farnham_en_bitter_lit_vignette

How bitter can you go?

New print ads for Farnham Ale & Lager show a range of bitterness for everyone, from blanket hogging bedmates to clumsy boaters.


The spiders are on our side

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection uses an animated video to take on a difficult subject.

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Rick Campanelli knows baby gear

The TV star’s baby should get an Emmy for his patient performance in Best Buy’s new “Dad Hacks” spots.