Top Ad Ideas


Dr. Scholl’s spot is en pointe

An ad by BBDO Toronto about feet will make you feel all the feels. Really.

Pizza Pizza T-shirts2178 (1)

It’s the most magical shirt of the year

Out with the ugly sweaters. In with a gingerbread man riding a piece of pie.


Girl, dump him

De Facto’s ad is already chilling. Then you realize what it’s about.


The magic of reusing

Rethink pulls a rabbit out of its hat for IKEA Canada’s holiday spot.

Peregrine_the more tape the merrier

Peregrine will ‘man-wrap’ your gifts for a good cause

Worried about grooming and wrapping gifts this season? This campaign has you covered.


My music tastes are very… singular

Like to scream in the shower? Spotify’s got a playlist for you.

Taco Bell Canada-Taco Bell Canada just won the holiday season wi

It’s crunch time for gift buying

Wrap up your presents in a gooey, crispy, meaty, tomato-y… uh… what were we talking about?


Unbear-ably adorbable

Cossette drops a holiday spot for Walmart Canada that will warm your heart.


Stop! Avo-time!

Avocados From Mexico is showing that they’re not just for toast.


My heart still pints for you

Grab a spoon. Rethink’s got the rest covered.