Top Ad Ideas


Birks sings a Canadian rhapsody

The luxury jeweller highlights women whose talents have taken them around the globe.

Tims Neighbours

Know thy neighbour

Tim Horton’s employees make new friends in an intimate campaign by Zulu Alpha Kilo.


Be your own design guru

Deco Surfaces wants you to know just how easy home improvements can be.


Running through the B6 with my woes

Now that Drake’s gone meatless, Freshii is capitalizing.


Which Canadian ads caught YouTube’s eye?

From red lights to red-hot seats, the internet has spoken.


Will it blend?

Foodora’s new fusion blends are unconventional, but we’re open-minded.


With every Lego creation, a thousand lies

Luckily for parents, lying to children has its benefits, according to new ads by Brad.

Shake It Up

Shake it up, shake it up

Haters gonna hate, players gonna play and traders gonna trade – and honestly, Kijiji’s got us bopping along to a much more old-school tune.


Carte Blanche enlists top creatives, truckers

The annual OOH contest issues its call for entries.


Sapporo hits a hot note

The beer brand is aligning itself with music and pop culture through a collaboration with music producer Ryan Hemsworth.