Top Ad Ideas

foodora unicyclist1

Fewer wheels, better planet

Foodora commits to less waste with its delivery.


The finger lickin’ future is upon us

KFC’s latest tech innovation gives Alexa a run for its money.


That’s not Cory Joseph. You’re just hungry.

The Raptors guard stars in Snickers’ latest ad by BBDO Toronto.


Viva the hydro revolution

Lg2′s new spot for Hydro-Quebec places the energy provider in historical context.


Not your older sibling’s digital lookbook

New Toronto clothier Yo & Co makes video magic to sell its collection (before the brand even makes its debut).


Putting kids in the driver’s seat (of car design)

Toyota has released the winners of the 2017 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.


CREA hits the stage

Having a heavy metal festival in your backyard is the latest thing that’ll make you go “ooooh.”

PJ party

Ain’t no party like a PJ party

McDonald’s jams in jammies to celebrate its All Day Breakfast menu launch.


Helping kids, one mesh at a time

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver taps into March Madness with a hoops-focused campaign.

Adv Challenge

Peer review for a trip to Cannes

The National Advertising Challenge returns with a film that pokes fun at the creative process.