Top Ad Ideas


Point S keeps stressful moments from getting grizzly

The autoshop goes over the top to show how trusted service makes everything easier in a new campaign by Publicis.

Lungs in the Air Toronto 2

Canadian Lung Association makes the unseen hard to miss

Giant lungs floating at 100 feet show how the air around us impacts respiratory health.


CIRA goes wild to show the value of a .ca

The domain registry aims to prove how a local web address can help Canadian businesses score more customers.

Group shot

Tim’s brews up a ‘fresh’ clothing collection

The QSR chain is celebrating one of its most popular orders with “double double” merch.

Wendy-s Restaurants of Canada-Wendy-s Canada is Dropping a Custo

Wendy’s is (really) releasing its own phone

The QSR chain is promoting its revamped app by giving away 20 branded smartphones.

Sleep Well Golf Better

Golf Town wants its podcast to put golfers to sleep

Created with Union, the episode uses the peaceful sounds of the game to help customers sleep (and play) better.


Spinrite solves the scourge of yarn barf

Church+State’s campaign brags about a rare innovation in the knitting category, which has been welcoming new recruits.


Taco Bell wants to guide its fans to inner peace

Dentsu One finds a way to give the QSR a place in wellness trends with taco-themed guided meditations.


Calgary Co-op makes food moments epic

In a new campaign, the grocer taps a rugby commentator to call everyday food situations.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is hoping its new brand identity shines

McCann Montreal helped modernize the pediatric palliative care centre’s look that maintained its connections to the community.